Thursday, January 14, 2010

4 / 365 Waiting for friends

I watch children for a living. Today 3 kids were coming. Charlotte gets so excited waiting for her friends to come play with her. She loves to look out the window and play in the curtin with me!

3 / 365 My addiction!

I am so addicted to diet coke. I have tried several times to cut it out of my diet but I keep coming back to it. I quit it when pregnant and I quit it last summer for over 2 months but we went on a cruise and the water just wasn't so great so back to it I went. Now I am trying to substitute more water into my diet again!

2 / 365

I almost forgot to take a picture this day and so as I was looking through my camera I found that I had taken a quick shot of my daughter relaxing watching TV before her nap. This is Charlotte! She is 2.

1 / 365 New floor!

Tonight my husband decided to come home and take out our carpet in our entryway. It has seriously been here since the 20's and was just falling apart. We bought a floating floor to put down but we need to sand the floor and put ....oh..something my husband said LOL..down before we can put the floating floor on top! It is started though and I actually liked the wood under the carpet!